Ukraine-UN Partnership

Ukraine-United Nations Partnership Framework 2012-2016

The Partnership Framework is a result of consultations with the UN System in Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine, the civil society and other stakeholders, and represents a joint commitment to support Ukraine’s reform agenda, the achievement of international standards, European integration, the Millennium Development Goals, and Ukraine’s commitments to the objectives of international conventions, protocols and standards, and human rights instruments, with the primary aim to improve the living standards and welfare of the people of Ukraine, especially the most vulnerable.

The joint commitment of the Government of Ukraine and the UN system is to focus on strengthening systems and institutional capacities at all levels as well as capacity development of individuals to develop and implement evidence-based policies and provide equitable and inclusive quality public services. In addition, civil society capacity to actively participate in policy development, implementation and decision making and monitoring will be strengthened.

The Partnership Framework has been shaped by a human rights based approach, which is focused on strengthening the capacity of the government and civil society to advance the human rights agenda and social and economic development in Ukraine.

There are four interrelated thematic areas within which the Government of Ukraine and the UN system have agreed to cooperate on:

  • - Sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction
  • - Social development
  • - Governance
  • - Environment and climate change

20 resident and non-resident UN agencies are part of the implementation of the Partnership Framework, including FAO, IAEA, IFC, ILO, IOM, UNAIDS, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNECE, UNEP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNHCR, UNODC, UN Women, World Bank and WHO.

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