Global Sex Workers Expert Meeting (VIDEO)

On 5-7 September 2017, Ukraine, the UNAIDS Fast Track country, the first in the EECA region hosted the Global Experts meeting to develop a community-led evaluation framework for the promotion and roll out of the Sex Work Implementation Tool, SWIT.

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The Global Experts meeting witnessed active and meaningful involvement of the female, male and transgender sex workers, including sex workers living with HIV, from Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia, Myanmar, France, Macedonia, Ukraine, Scotland, and Canada. The consultation was led by the Global Network of Sex work projects – NSWP - and involved representatives from UNAIDS, UNDP, WHO, UNFPA, Linkages project.

The development of evaluation framework is an important follow-up to the launch of the SWIT in 2014 and will support the fast-track movement of the national responses to HIV among sex workers.

Sex workers is one of the key populations groups in Ukraine, accounts 80 000 female sex workers with 7% HIV prevalence.

All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization Legalife-Ukraine is a NSWP members and leading national NGO with 8 regional branches working in area sex workers empowerment to report human rights violation.

Phelister Abdalla, NSWP Africa Coordinator

Borche Bozhinov, President STAR-STAR, NSWP, Macedonia

Kay Thi Win, Regional Coordinator APNSW

Nataliia Isaieva, Legalife, Ukraine

Ruth Morgan Thomas, GNSWP, UK