Activity in Ukraine

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

UNESCO focuses, in particular, on a number of overarching objectives:

  • - Attaining quality education for all and lifelong learning
  • - Mobilizing science knowledge and policy for sustainable development
  • - Addressing emerging social and ethical challenges
  • - Fostering cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace
  • - Building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication

UNESCO is a UNAIDS cosponsor and supports countries' responses to HIV with advocacy, policy and programmatic guidance, and technical and strategic support, convening and coordination. This work is carried out in accordance with the bold strategic goals outlined in Getting to Zero, the UNAIDS roadmap to 2015. UNESCO supports responses to HIV and AIDS that are inclusive and sensitive to the needs of all people and, in particular, key populations especially vulnerable to HIV and young people in school settings.;

UNESCO cooperates with its Member-States to promote responses to HIV and AIDS which are gender and age responsive, culturally appropriate, evidence-informed, grounded in human rights, and involve people living with HIV and vulnerable populations at all stages. In Ukraine UNESCO facilitates capacity building for effective and sustainable education responses to HIV including strengthening comprehensive life skills based health and HIV prevention education and protecting people living with HIV from discrimination.

In 2012-2013 in Ukraine, UNESCO contributes to:

  • Development and adoption of a national policy on HIV in education sector
  • Enhancement of teacher training and preparation to deliver high quality health and HIV prevention education
  • Introduction of obligatory health education in primary school
  • Empowerment of young people to protect themselves from HIV and other threats through online tools

UNESCO supports experience sharing and cross-fertilisation among Member-States including Ukraine through joint regional projects and meetings.


Tigran Yepoyan

Regional HIV and AIDS Advisor

+7 (495) 637-28-75

Yulia Plakhutina

Project Manager

+7 (495) 637-28-75