Activity in Ukraine

United Nations Population Fund

The mandate of UNFPA, as established by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 1973 and reaffirmed in 1993, is

  • - to build the knowledge and the capacity to respond to needs in population and family planning
  • - to promote awareness in both developed and developing countries of population problems and possible strategies to deal with these problems
  • - to assist their population problems in the forms and means best suited to the individual countries' needs
  • - to assume a leading role in the United Nations system in promoting population programmes, and to coordinate projects supported by the Fund

As one of ten co-sponsors of UNAIDS, UNFPA works to intensify and scale up HIV prevention efforts using rights-based and evidence-informed strategies, including attention to the gender inequalities that drives the epidemic. Within UNAIDS, the Fund takes a leadership role in condom programming and prevention among young people and women, two groups who are increasingly at risk of infection. It also reaches out to other vulnerable populations. Linking HIV responses with sexual and reproductive health care is the overarching strategy for reaching more people cost-effectively.

UNFPA has been active in Ukraine since 1997. The three core areas of UNFPA work in Ukraine - reproductive health, gender equality and population and development strategies. Population dynamics, including growth rates, age structure, fertility and mortality, migration and more, influence every aspect of human, social and economic development. Reproductive health and women's empowerment powerfully affect, and are affected by, population trends.

UNFPA facilitated establishment of the Family Planning System in Ukraine and supported development of Integrated Services Network on Reproductive and Sexual Health that provides services on reproductive health and family planning in all regions of Ukraine. Starting 2006, UNFPA has been working on making reproductive health and family planning services available for women living with HIV and adolescent girls.

UNFPA was the first UN agency to start the programme on prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections in the uniformed services. The programme was appraised as the best practice and became a model for other countries in the region.

The extensive work of UNFPA with youth resulted in the establishment of the network of youth and student organizations that promote safe behaviour and healthy lifestyles among peers.

In 2012 UNFPA will launch its second five-year country programme for Ukraine for the period till the end of 2016.

Within the area of reproductive health the major foci of the programme will be:

  • - Advancing the policy and legislative environment in reproductive health care;
  • - Improving reproductive health data management;
  • - Improving quality and accessibility of maternal health and family planning services;
  • - Strengthening linkages between reproductive health and HIV/AIDS programmes;
  • - Preventing HIV infection among young people and key populations through behaviour change communications and peer-based programmes;
  • - Prevention mother-to-child transmission of HIV.


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Assistant Representative

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Programme Officer

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