Budget Advocacy School in the framework of the Dutch – UNAIDS Partnership on Key Populations

Within the frame of the Dutch – UNAIDS Partnership on Key Populations the Ukraine UNAIDS office supported a Budget advocacy school which took place from 30 September to 3 October 2017 in the city of Lviv.

unaids lviv

This long-standing collaboration partnership supports a range of priority activities for the country, including the strengthening of coordination, capacity building and systematic engagement of civil society in the national response to AIDS. One of such initiatives is to ensure sustainable development and further institualization of the National Key Populations Platform.

The Platform unites individuals and community-based groups representing sex workers, injecting drug users, former prisoners, and MSM working in the area of HIV prevention and care and support of PLWH.

The participants of the Budget advocacy school familiarized themselves with the concept of social accountability, which involves community participation at all stages of decision-making on budget allocation and financing, learned how to conduct budget analysis for targeted budget advocacy of HIV prevention services, learned about the budget process and opportunities for participation of NGO representatives in it, as well as about the possibilities of monitoring formulation and implementation of state budgets, including existing monitoring tools and open data source.

The participants of the School were selected on the basis of proposed projects and expressed motivation to learn and apply the knowledge in their ongoing work in HIV prevention and care, social contracting of HIV services and overall meaningful involvement in the continuous advancement for effective financing for health within the National health system reform.